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Posted on: B2C E-Commerce / Blog on May 06, 2016


Why does the European Commission want to Boost Cross-Border B2C E-Commerce in the EU?

Posted on: Blog / Cross-Border on August 18, 2015

The European Commission has been recently robust on efforts to push cross-border online shopping between the EU members. It initiated a number of surveys to evaluate the state of cross-border B2C E-Commerce and the factors which prevent it from booming, and promised to make an amended proposal on harmonization of EU rules concerning online purchases…. Read More


Online retail growth in Turkey attracts international investment

Posted on: B2C E-Commerce / Blog on April 13, 2015

One of the largest online retail markets in the emerging region of Eastern Europe, Turkey, has been a target for E-Commerce investment over the recent years. The market’s potential is immense: with Internet and online shopper penetration growing, B2C E-Commerce sales forecasted to double by 2019 . Both local and foreign investors have been active, with… Read More

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