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Posted on: B2C E-Commerce / Blog on May 06, 2016

Foto_Reportes_E-Commerce Asia-Pacific to grab a larger share of global B2C E-Commerce

Posted on: B2C E-Commerce / Press Release on October 08, 2015

“Asia-Pacific B2C E-Commerce Market 2015” is the title of the new report published by German secondary market research provider, specialized in B2C E-Commerce and Online Payments. The publication highlights the significant growth witnessed by the market in the past years and reports on the differences and similarities between the countries.’s CEO and founder,… Read More


B2C E-Commerce Growth Champions: India vs. China

Posted on: B2C E-Commerce / Blog on September 29, 2015

Several years ago, China’s triple-digit growth in B2C E-Commerce was stunning. But as the market has advanced, growth rates have started to decline and another leader from the BRIC block is moving to the lead in terms of online retail growth – India. Still, the Chinese B2C E-Commerce market has significant room for growth. Internet… Read More


China’s B2C E-Commerce Growth Potential Still High Especially in Rural Areas

Posted on: B2C E-Commerce / Press Release on September 24, 2015

Germany-based secondary market research specialist has published a new report about the fast growing online retail market in China. Among the findings revealed in “China B2C E-Commerce Market 2015” is that the growth rates, though still high, are predicted to slow down. In search of further growth potential, China’s E-Commerce leaders such as Alibaba… Read More


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